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Kissing Poem-The First Kiss

The First Kiss

This poem's about the very moment that people experience their first step into a relationship and their first kiss.

Once a cool breeze blew out of west
The fresh air tasted like heaven
Passing the clouds that looked like a train
Spreading out across the blue sky

The world began spinning
When your lips touched mine
The fire began burning
When we kissed for the first time
And as the moon shone above us
On the night I looked in your eyes
And we had our first kiss
As we deeply fell in love

It's the best kiss I've ever had
And the romantic night I'll never forget
The night my life changed
As we held our hands close to heart
And I still feel the cool breeze
Blowing from side to side
As the days go by

The world's still spinning
When your lips touch mine
The fire of love's still burning
When we kiss every time
I feel the moon shining on us
When I look deep in your eyes
When we love

I'm looking for my dream girl, If you're interested let me know
-- You gotta be a girl.
-- About 18-20 years
-- and everything else.

By Pius Micheals

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