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Batamuliza has left a new comment on your post "UMUCO NYARWANDA:GUKUNA":

After reading something on Gukuna,i really question myself what is the significancy of it?Nibyiza numuco wacu ariko you do it b'se others have done it.Explain so that i understand the difference of those who have done so and those who havent.
BLOG IGITUBA ANSWERS: Dear Batamuliza, every country has it's own cultures and some elements of the culture may be good others bad, but for the Gukuna element, it has been shown time and again that this cultural innovation on the genitalia of women is a useful enhancement, in fact,dear Batamuliza, a WOMAN WHO HAS ELONGATED HER LABIA has an easier time satisfying her man. This in any case implies that if youhave not done this ie Gukuna you won't be able to satisfy your man, far from it. In the end what is important is love but for we Rwandans we believe an umugore wakunnye is the best!

Posted by Batamuliza to IGITUBA at October 30, 2007 12:24 AM

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